Material Handling - Plant and Equipment

Valmont SM co-engineers, manufactures, supplies and installs equipment and complete plants for bulk handling. The component line include belt conveyors, chain conveyors, pipe conveyors, elevators, ship loaders, stackers, roller screens, crushers, hoppers with more for coal, lime stone, wood pellets, wood chips, food stuffs, bottom ash, fertilizer, gypsum and more.

The belt conveyors are the most economical mode of conveyance available for internal carriage of bulk goods. For internal carriage, the belt conveyor is the cheapest to run and to maintain. Many belt conveyors run without needing much repair for 10-15 years, some for even 20-25 years. Belt conveyors consume less power per ton per m than any other mode of conveyance. Belt conveyors are used for capacities from a few tons/hour to 10-15,000 tons/hour depending on belt width and belt speed and the single belt conveyor can be up to 10 km long. Generally the belt conveyors have a low impact on the environment and belt conveyors can be placed on ground, in tunnels, in bridges or as a part of, for example ship loaders and stackers.

The belt conveyor can be specialized as tube belt conveyors (pipe conveyor), side wall conveyors or Sicon conveyors. When waste and dust have to be kept to a minimum or if moisture and pollution from the atmosphere must be prevented from reaching the medium being carried, the closed belt conveyors as tube belt conveyors or Sicon conveyors are a good choice. These conveyors carriage powder material such as fly ash, quicklime and cement and furthermore they can run both horizontally and vertically.

For vertically conveying, the bucket elevator or the sidewall conveyor can be used. The side wall conveyor can carriage in both horizontal and vertical directions.

For special conditions Valmont SM supplies chain conveyors and apron conveyors, for example for wet or dry slag or cinders from refuse disposal plant.

Valmont SM designs, plans and constructs turnkey installation for handling of bulk materials such as coal handling systems for power plants, port handling, open mining, refuse disposal plants, etc.